Going to school

A few weeks back, I was helping in T2's schoolroom, looking at the lovely pot plants on a desk in the corner of the classroom. The class is studying plants and animals at the moment; a desk with some pot plants and a 'vets' corner for the soft toy dogs, cats and rabbits. T2 was very proud to lend the class her 'vets/doctors' kit - vet for soft toys, doctors for Mummy and Daddy.

Anyway, I noticed that the big planter box they have in their outdoor area was only growing weeds and I decided that the kids needed to have a lesson in growing plants for real! After discussing the the teacher - who thought the idea was great - I started gathering up the tools, soil improver, bag of worms, veggies, strawberries and a few natives.

The scheduled planting afternoon coincided with a meeting in the city with TC, so the kids thought it was hilarious that when I arrived in my 'fancy' red dress, make-up and heels! After kicking the heels off, I launched straight into my spiel about dirt, trowels, worms and their poo *giggle giggle giggle* and the plants we were going to plant - heirloom tomatoes, celery, rainbow chard, choc-mint, strawberries, a mini-grevillea and our state flower, the kangaroo paw (green and gold for the Aussie spirit).

While the teachers arranged the two classes outside, TC and I did the quick change-o prest-o into 'parent' clothes and off we raced. So many of the kids had never seen worms at all, others had obviously never held seedlings; they were sooo excited to help plant them. The kids were busy fetching water in cans, pulling weeds up and mix in soil improver. A couple of the boys were fascinated with placing the worms in their new home, gently putting them in one-by-one. It was alot of fun, with a change of jobs every few minutes so as many of them could help as possible. Poor T2 was a bit put out that I would only let her help once, but after I asked her how often she got to do it at home ('almost every day, Mum' mumble mumble...) she piped down!

I braved the rain this morning to check up on everything and added some mulch. It is the end of term today, so I want to give the plants a good head start for the holidays. Unfort no pics with the kids, it was pretty wooly outside today, but I got a couple of the planters.

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