February update

We are in full countdown mode now!! It is exciting... the new Shop at Yagan Square is almost ready and we will be opening officially 3rd March over the long weekend! This is a little nerve wracking, and we ask your patience over the next month or so as we work out how to make sure both Shops run smoothly. The fit out is done and now it comes to stocking it...Keep for a sneak peak at the different food offerings available at Yagan Square, check out this Urban list article.

We will be releasing an exciting new product at both Shops in March! Co-oping their development with naturopath Rebecca Hall from Maylands Wellness, we are using the highest grade botanicals to create a line of Honey Tonics to support your wellbeing...

We will also be stocking an amazing new line at Yagan Square - Bee inspired delicate jewellery from Bowerbird. This jewellery is designed and handmade in South West Australia, inspired by our very own native Blue Banded Bee. 

This season the Red Gum/Marri is going crackers! We will have is available for quite a long while over the winter and into spring. We will also be certifying it with the ChemCentre so that we can provide an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial honey after the Great Victoria Desert TA30+ finishes up.

Our bees are pushing hard while the Marri is out, and with the (touch wood) mild summer, it should be a long season. Our bees are currently in Rolystone and Boyanup - the south tends to flower slightly earlier, and we will be moving them to Chittering, more north, in late March to finish up on the last of the Marri there. All the Beeks are reporting that this seasons Marri is slightly lighter and thinner than previous years due to the lower temperatures and more frequent humid days from the cyclones up north pushing weather down here. But still tasty yum!

Eat Drink Perth 2018! 

 We are excited to be offer tickets to our first Food Festival!

Come and meet the Beek - Head Drone Tristan, member of the WA Honey Research Group with Curtin University and ChemCentre and his bees in their Observation Hive! Got a question about bees or honey, come and ask it! 

More info and tickets in link above.

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  • Tanya

    The Great Victoria Desert honey was amazing. Every time I had a hint of a sore throat it seemed to clear with a teaspoon of it. Will you be getting any more? I am a Great Victoria Desert honey convert.

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