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Why does honey candy?

It is coming to that time of year again, the cooler weather is finally upon us. And with it, comes a time when the honey will start to harden, known as crystallization, granulation or candying. I often get asked why it candies; it is a quite a misunderstood phenomenon. Some people question whether this process means that it is an inferior product, poor quality or storage, or that it has been processed in some way. It is not. It is not off, it hasn't gone bad, so please do not chuck it out!! Raw honey will candy over time. Some on-comb inside the hive (such as a clover or canola) and others take many, many years (such as Jarrah). Honey...

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Health Kick Honey

Honey has naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that can be measured on what is called the 'Total Activity' (TA) scale. This is the measure of the chemical reaction that creates naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide which promotes healing and can reduce infections. Picture From: Jarrah Honey Location: Western Australia only. Jarrah flowers in the spring and early summer, every 2-3 years. It can live up to 1000 years. Interesting Stuff:  Jarrah wood was exported to the UK for the use of roads! The Jarrah tree is under pressure from logging and a fungal disease called Die-back that causes root-rot, similar to the disease that caused the Potato Famines in Ireland. Honey Makeup: Jarrah is high in fructose, low in...

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