Tree planting Winter 2021

We had the opportunity to head to a few tree plantings over the Winter - within the city of Perth as well as one in Quairading.

Rotary and local community groups have been planting in Quairading since the late 1990's, reclaiming salt effected lands and increasing the health of soil and biodiversity. We've had so much fun over the years heading out for the day for plantings and fellowship with our Rotarian friends, usually in our gumboots but sunshine on our backs.

From Dr Alan Briggs:

Quairading Rotary tree planting annual event: 9000 seedlings planted!
treemission© provided support to Quairading Rotary Club (QRC)’s annual tree planting event held 31 July 2021 in Quairading in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. And what an event it turned out to be with eight Metro Rotary clubs attended along with students, parents, and teachers from Churchlands school.
QRC organised the tree planting east of the Quairading airport then west of the Community reserve to finish planting 9,000 seedlings to help reduce the impacts of erosion and salinity around Quairading. Has been planting trees around the town since 1998 and the results are impressive. Local farmer, Glynn, spoke of the positive effects the plantings had had on his land. He was more than pleased to make land available for this year’s planting event.
QRC President Pauline Wray welcomed the planters and thanked all members for the excellent coordination and catering, and recognised treemission for its support. treemission Chair Alan Briggs outlined the goals of treemission: inform Rotarians about what is happening in the environment, what they can do and to organise activities such as tree planting. He expressed appreciation to QRC for it excellent and long-standing tree planting initiatives.
On hand was Tristan Campbell to launch his company Honey I’m Home’s sponsorship of treemission. Make sure you buy his honey!

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