Gourmet Infused Honeys


Our hand-crafted gourmet line is for those who are after something special. They are all made from raw honey at room temperature, keeping the health benefits of the natural enzymes and micro-pollens, plus being a little bit fancy!

- Vanilla infused is back! After a long absence due to the world wide vanilla shortage, we have Vanilla Honey available once more. Great with vanilla icecream (unavailable until further notice due to shortage of vanilla supply)

- Cinnamon infused. Perfect with pancakes and breakfast smoothies.

- Clove infused. Something a bit stronger with tea or porridge.

- Star Anise infused. For those Aniseed fans out there. Great on a tasting plate or glazing a ham.

- Chilli infused. A great base for the BBQ on haloumi or bacon, or try on top of a brie wheel!

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