About Us and our Bees

Blaine and Tristan Campbell purchased their first beehive in November 2011. This was after Blaine spent nearly 2 years reading every book in the Western Australian State Library system, a few that weren't, and every beekeeping blog online she could find. Announcing one afternoon that 'we are buying a beehive', Tristan very patiently nodded his head and off we went to the local Beeman to order a nucleus.

In August 2012, we launched our business, Honey, I'm Home Produce, with the vision to bring all things honey, homey and yummy to our customers. We now runĀ over 70 hives in and around Perth. These are both inĀ rural and urban locations, including the first rooftop hives in Perth's CBD!

In 2016, we won Gold and 4 Silvers for our honey and beeswax candles at the Western Australian Honey judging, were a finalist in the Australian Business Champions (Small retail category) and won Best Retail Business of the Year and Runner-up Best Environmentally Sustainable Business of the Year with Central Eastern Business Association.

We are a family business, and one of us, Blaine or Tristan, or their children, TJ or Miss T - who run their own hives and know nearly as much about bees and honey as their parents - will always try to answer any bee or honey related questions you may have. If you stump us, then you will win the Gold Star!