Kitchen Tips

Ideas and tips on using Honey:

Did you know that you can replace white sugar with honey? It gives extra life for your cakes and biscuits, keeping them moist for longer - for every 1/2 cup of honey replacing sugar, you get about 1 1/2 weeks of extra life!

Make sure you adjust your liquids when you cook with honey, as it counts for your sugar, but will effect your liquid element too - reduce your milk by 1/3 or eggs by 1 when replacing sugar.

Cut Comb:

You can eat everything in the hive that the bees make - including the bees themselves! Beeswax and propolis are very healthy for you.

Let's leave the bees in the hive :-)

Cut comb is one of the best ways to eat honey - warm and fresh from the hive. Floating in honey is a great way to have comb, the novelty of the comb and the practicality of a honeypot!

Pull a piece out for your breakfast plate - topped on your butter plate. Equally delightful on your cheese platter.

Chilli/ Star Anise Honey:

Top your Double Brie with Chilli honey for a REAL sweet-chilli-philli!

Mix either honey to taste with ricotta as a dip. Or in tomato halves roasted in the oven.

Mix with Lime and Olive Oil for a salad dressing. Gently warm the olive oil to get the elements to mix well.

Use in a stirfry, as a marinade with chicken, beef or fish. Fantastic on the BBQ!

Star-Anise honey makes the perfect Ham glaze. Include some in the stuffing too.

Clove Honey can double in the sweet or savoury camp - curry or porridge! 

Cinnamon/Rose/Vanilla Honey:

Perfect with porridge, pancakes or French toast in the mornings!

In your banana smoothies - approx 2 teaspoons will be just fine.

Add Vanilla Honey with cream for a delicious addition to your sponge filling or pavlova topping.

Cinnamon Honey added to your icing for your spice teacake or carrot cake will give it sweet boost.

Whipped Honeys:

Anywhere you would use jam, cream or honey you can use our whipped honeys.

Mulled Spice Honey is particularly nice on crumpets, or used instead of icing for carrot cake.

Lemon Drop and Ginger Snap Honey is nice on your tasting plate with cheese, or instead of passionfruit curd on a pavlova.