Applecross Primary School Winter Fundraiser


Welcome to the P&C Winter Fundraiser!

Orders open for a bonus two days!!!

Closing Friday 4th June - so don't delay!


You will bee supporting the amazing projects at your own local school community AND getting some yummy honey as well!
Honey, I'm Home Produce is a locally-owned family business. We have kept bees for over 10 years, and Dr T even has his PhD in beekeeping and honey production!
All our honey is single origin, cold extracted, completely 100% raw honey. Our beeswax candles are handmade, from WA beeswax locally milled.

Winter Fundraiser Information:

Honey Varieties:

Eucalyptus Honey: A rich, thick and classic flavour honey. Sourced from our hives in Chittering.
Urban Wildflower: reflecting the many flowers of the locale, this honey is mellow with a floral aftertaste. Sourced from Spearwood.

Beeswax Candles:

Tapers: standard dinner size, set of 3. Burn time approx 4-6hours.

Pillar: approx 10cm tall, single. Burn time approx 8+ hours.

Please note our beeswax candles are rolled from foundation beeswax, therefore having shorted burn times than a denser, molded candle.

Delivery Details:

NOTE: Please add your child's name and room number in 'Phone (Optional)' at end of order form.

Eg. John Smith Room 7

This will make it much easier for the P&C vollies to sort out the orders.

Orders will bee open from Wednesday 19th May to 2nd June 2021.

All orders will be delivered to the P&C committee for them to organise pick up directly (Dates to be confirmed by P&C).

No orders will be posted or delivered individually.



Please note that Honey, I'm Home can only answer questions about  honey :-)