Breakers WA Swimming Club Fundraiser

Breakers WA Swimming Club Fundraiser

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The Breakers Swim Club offers a comprehensive squad program that caters for competitive swimmers, surf, triathlete and open water swimmers from the 7year old in our Stroke Development squad through to the adult National Swimmer.
The Breakers Swim Club is a dynamic and forward thinking club which offers great programs in addition to the squad program. 
About Honey I'm Home: 

Honey, I'm Home Produce is a locally-owned family business. We have kept bees for over 10 years, and Dr T even has his PhD in beekeeping and honey production!
All our honey is single origin, cold extracted, completely 100% raw honey.
Our beeswax candles are handmade, from WA beeswax locally milled.


Fundraiser Product Information:

Raw Honey:
Redgum / Marri Eucalyptus Honey: A rich, thick and classic flavoured honey, without being overly sweet. Marri is a perfect honey for everyday: breakfast, baking, tea or marinades. 
Available in 1kg or 380g jars.
Wildflower: A sweet and tangy urban honey. Great to sweeten tea or use for baking, or for those with a sweet palette. 
Available in 1kg or 380g jars
Jarrah Forest Honey: A summer honey from the Jarrah Eucalyptus forest. Strong tasting honey with medicinal properties, this is for those people who love using honey at every opportunity.
Available in 1kg or 380g jars.

Beeswax Candles:

Taper set: standard dinner size, set of 3. Burn time approx 4-6hours.

Pillar: approx 10cm tall, single. Burn time approx 7+ hours.

Church Pillar: approx 35cm single. Burn time approx 25+ hours.

Please note our beeswax candles are rolled from foundation beeswax, therefore, have shorter burn times than denser, molded candles. Please remember to trim wicks before use, and never leave a candle unattended.

Delivery Details:

Orders will be delivered by Sharlene at XXXX.

Orders will be open from XXX to XXX.



Please note that Honey, I'm Home can only answer questions about  honey/candles :-)