Beeswax Beauty


Using a combination of local beeswax, certified Jarrah honey and organic oils, Honey I'm Home is pleased to offer these delightful hand-crafted products to our customers for a bit of pampering:

Face Cream and Moisturizer

A lovely soft moisturizer, the beeswax base allows the cream to soak into your skin beautifully. A perfect night cream. 

Scented hand cream and body lotions

This luxurious, soft hand cream is made from a mix of organic macadamia and coconut oils with beeswax and Jarrah honey. The beeswax base gives it a lovely fresh texture.

Available with Lemon Myrtle or Rose Geranium scents.

Scented soap

With a combination of organic olive, coconut and macadamia oils, shea butter and lemon myrtle essential oil with beeswax and Jarrah honey, this soap is light and refreshing.

Available in Lemon Myrtle or Rose Geranium scents.

Healing Balm

A simple, smooth foot butter made from beeswax with certified organic olive coconut and macadamia oils. Perfect for cracked heels, elbows or cuticles, loosening scars or for very allergic skin types.

Beeswax lip balm

This matte, unscented balm is made from beeswax and Jarrah honey, with coconut, macadamia and Vitamin E oils.

Great healing for dry or cracked lips.

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