A Winter Tale of Bees, Honey, and Blooms in Perth

A Winter Tale of Bees, Honey, and Blooms in Perth

Despite the cold temperatures, the crisp air and cool breezes of winter sweeping across Perth, there is a riot of colors and scents and the bees highlight the resilience of nature.

Our bees continue their tireless work even throughout winters here, unlike in the northern hemisphere where they would 'overwinter' exclusively in their hives. These industrious insects are the unsung heroes of the winter landscape, buzzing from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen with unwavering determination.

Image of pink blub flower with focus on pollen

The hive, a bustling city of its own, is a testament to their intricate teamwork and dedication. As bees venture out into the cool air, they play a vital role in pollinating the surrounding flora, setting the stage for a breathtaking bloom and of course winter citrus. There is also a number of eucalyptus flowering across winter, and in the city, plenty of gardens producing lots of flowers for them. Who has seen them in their nasturtiums?!

The culmination of the bees' labour can be witnessed in the golden elixir they produce – honey! In Perth's winter, beekeepers extract less honey from their hives, but what is available, reveals a treasure trove of flavors that reflect the diverse flora of the region.

From the delicate notes of eucalyptus to the subtle hints of wildflowers, each jar of honey is a snapshot of the season's offerings. Winter harvests tend to take longer to produce, are darker in color with robust, stronger flavours whereas spring honeys are produced faster and are lighter in color and sweeter.

Image of pink hakea flower

The changing weather patterns remind us that even in the colder months, there is beauty to be found in the ebb and flow of nature.

Perth's winter is not a season of dormancy for our bees, but rather a time where bees will still fly and produce honey but just at a slower pace than they have throughout spring and summer!

Image of bees on comb in sunshine with beekeepers hand, bush in background

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